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  1. 2015

    Attended KOBA 2015
    Attended 2015 Messe Frankfrut (Frankfrut , Germany)
    Developed Bluetooth Event Speaker (EVS-50PS)
    Developed Leaderphone (LDP-30PS)
  2. 2014

    Attended KOBA 2014
    Attended Domestic Roadshow (Seoul , Gwangju , Daegu , Busan)
    Attended Rusia-Moscow Roadshow
    Atteded 2014 Messse Frankfrut ( Frankfrut , Germany)
    Attended Dubai-Abudabi Roadshow
    Developed Power Amplifier (PN Series)
    Developed Emergency Exchanger (PEX-4)
  3. 2013

    Attended Domestic Road Show ( Seoul , Gwangju , Daegu , Pusan)
    Atteneded Veitnam-Hanoi Roadshow
    Attended KOBA 2013
    Atteded 2013 Messse Frankfrut ( Frankfrut , Germany)
    Atteneded Tailand - Bangkok Road show
    Developed Joysong (PJS-2060)
    Developed Low Amplifierm (S-30M/60M)
  4. 2012

    Attended 2012 Mess Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)
    Developed SR Series(Power Mixer & Speaker)
    Developed DVR Series(DVR+Media Player+Amplifier)
    Developed PA-2060W/2120W
    Developed KOBA2012 Exhibition
  5. 2011

    Attended 2011 Mess Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)
    Attended KOBA2011 Exhibition
    Attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition 2011
    Developed ZONE Series
    Developed DPA Series
    Registered Venture Corporation New Technology
    Certificate of ISO 9001 / KAS 9001
  6. 2010

    Attended 23rd IATF in Dubai, UAE
    Attended 2010 CeBit in Hannover
    Attended KOBA2010 Exhibition
    Developed PWR Series
    Developed PWA-402 Series
    Developing DPA Series
  7. 2009

    Developed DTP-9600 Telephone paging
    Developed DPS-9600 Digital Power Supplier
    Attend KOBA 2009 Exhibition
    Developed DPA-Master server PC software
    Developed DRT-9600 Digital Radio Tuner
    Developed Touch Screen PC(17")
    Developed VF-9601 4 language(Korean, English, Chinese, Japnaese)
    Developed APT Series wall hangings Amplifier(60W, 120W, 240W, 360W)
    Developed AS-01A New Apartment Speaker
    Developed APT-9600 Media CD Player
  8. 2008

    Developed MCD-9600(Media CD Player)
    Developed DWI-03(Window Intercom)
    Developed PMA-60/120
    Acquire INNO-Business(Ref.#8061-1662)
    Developed Dpp-9600
    Attend KOBA 2008 Exhibition
    Developed DPA-Master Broadcasting PC Software
    Developed DPT-9600 Program Timer
    Developed DCV-9600/DSV-9600
  9. 2007

    Attend KOBA 2007 Exhibition
    Developed Digital Exclusive Management Broadcasting
    Set up PASCOM R&D Division
    Developed Pubilc Construcation Digital PA
    Registered KBIZ(Ref. No. 2007-05062)
    Registered Trade mark "eZ-Patrol" (License No. 0692179)
  10. 2006

    Registered PASCOM Factory
    Come out eZ-Partrol Electronic Security System
  11. 2005

    Certificate KAS 9001/ISO 9001
    Export to D.S.K (kodio)
    Registered Venture Corporation New Technology
    Developed PA-9648(480W)AMP
    Developed HD LCD TV(32")
    Developed PCR-70/130
    Developed PD-9600
    Developed eZ-Partrol Electronic Security System
  12. 2004

    Developed CD-9600 CD Player
    Set up PASCOM Co.,Ltd
    Making contract & Supplied to COMMAX
    Making contract & Supplied to MBN Partners